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Federal Duck Stamps

State Duck Stamps

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Highest Quality Limited Edition Artist Signed Art & Duck Stamp Prints

State Duck Stamp Prints

US Federal Duck Stamp Prints

International Duck Stamp Prints

Duck Stamp Prints with Artist Remarque Etching or Lithograph

Framed Duck Stamp Prints



All state duck stamp prints are mint, artist signed limited editions with the original portfolio unless otherwise noted in the description. All are guaranteed perfect, with absolutely no faults.   

All federal duck stamp prints, with the exception of the earlier, hard to find years are mint,  artist signed limited editions, with the original portfolio. All federal duck stamp prints, except the early years (as specified in the descriptions), are guaranteed perfect, with absolutely no faults.

Framed duck stamp prints, professionally framed to highest conservation standards : 100% rag mat backing, etc. .  Check with us before you buy duck stamp prints. We have hundreds in stock.

Look in our Wildlife Prints Area area for additional waterfowl and wildlife prints.


Duck Stamp Print & Wildlife Stamp Print Characteristics:

Artist Proof:

Test run for the printer and Artist. Released in very low quantities.

Medallion Edition:

Prints issued with a gold or silver plated medal measuring approximately 1 1/2 x 2 1/8; usually encased in clear plastic. The number issued is much smaller that the regular edition.

Executive Edition:

A term used for a number of smaller releases. These prints are often issued with an original drawing or painting (remarque, etching, or scratchboard) by the artist either on or accompanying the print. Check my detailed description for what is included with a specific Executive Edition.     

Conservation Edition:

A smaller quantity release with proceeds usually going to a specific conservation program.

w / 2 Stamps:

Indicates one mint stamp and one Artist signed stamp are included.

w / Stamp:

Mint stamp included in release. Where indicated some carry the same numbering as the print.


Professionally framed sets (print, stamp, and medallion when included).

Previously Framed:

Older prints may have been framed in the past.We've had these prints sent to a conservator for cleaning. Call for detailed information on specific prints.