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Creating an acount with Us 

You do not have to create an account/register with us to order products on our web site.

Creating an account can make using our site more convenient, but you may shop with us "anonymously" (as a guest) .

Cookies and Scripts:

Our store uses "cookies" and scripts to support our shopping cart, drop down lists, and the enlargement of pictures. Please accept cookies and scripts for our site if promted to do so. Additional information can be found in our Privacy and Security Polices .

Pictures and descriptions used on our web site:

Pictures of limited edition art prints, duck stamp prints, federal duck stamps, and rare duck stamsp are representative of the grade/quality of the specific item being offered. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Pictures of other stamps may however not fully represent the high quality and full description of the item offered. The State Duck stamps I sell are VF-XF or better.   Pictures of federal duck stamp are representative of the grade of stamp being offered

Descriptions of items should be the basis for final selection. The descriptions of terms used in the descriptions of items are included on this page.  We are in the process of upgrading the pictures use throughout the site to best reflect the selection and high quality of the items we offer. 

A description of the terms I use to describe stamps and prints follows.  

Duck Stamp Grading:   


 An almost perfectly centered stamp, a very close look is needed to see that the margins are not exactly equal.
VF-XF ALL State Duck stamps I sell are VF-XF.  Federal stamps are sold in a wider range of grades. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Not quite XF quality. Margins are not quite equal, but they are ample and visually pleasing. A well-balanced stamp.

VF A well centered stamp with perforations well clear of the design on all four sides. Slightly off-center but not close to an edge on any side.  Four full margins.
F-VF Slightly off-center perforations are well clear of the design on at least three sides with the remaining border still leaving ample room with the edge of the design well clear of the perforations.
FINE All perforations clear the design.   The edge of the design is approaching the perforations on one side.   While not touching, it is close.
AVE Perforations may cut into the design, or a stamp may have a bend or crease.
NH Original Gum.  No markings on the gum.   Natural gum skips (small) can be expected on the first 20 issues.
VLH Original Gum.  A stamp previously mounted in a collection. A VERY small mark is left on the back of the stamp. Mark is difficult to see without magnification.  The hinge has been completely removed.
LH Original Gum.  A stamp previously mounted in a collection. A small mark is left on the back  of the stamp.  The hinge has been completely removed. 
NG The gum has been removed.  No Impact on the front of the stamp. 
SE Straight edge from sheet printed without selvage at the edge.


Duck Stamp Print & Wildlife Stamp Print Characteristics:

 Artist Proof: Test run for the printer and Artist. Released in very low quantities. 
Medallion Edition: Prints issued with a gold or silver plated medal measuring approximately 1 1/2" x 2 1/8" usually encased in clear plastic.  The number issued is much smaller that the regular edition.
Executive Edition: A term used for a number of smaller releases. These prints are often issued with an original drawing or painting (remarque, etching, or scratchboard) by the artist either on or accompanying the print.  Check my detailed description for what is included with a specific ?Executive Edition?.          
Conservation Edition: A smaller quantity release with proceeds usually going to a specific conservation program. 
w / 2 Stamps: Indicates one mint stamp and one Artist signed stamp are included.
 w / Stamp:   Mint stamp included in release. Where indicated some carry the same numbering as the print.  
Previously Framed: Older prints may have been framed in the past.  I've had these prints sent to a conservator for cleaning. Call for detailed information on specific prints.
Framed:  Professionally framed sets (print, stamp, and medallion when included).

Limited Edition Art Prints:

Signed: Signed by original artist
Numbered: Edition size and print number written on print
Open Edition: Print many or may not be signed (indicated in description) and print is not numbered.      


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